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World Food and Wine

  • World food and wine.

Details of Project

  • Client: World Food and Wine
  • Used Tools: Drupal, Composer, Adobe suite.
  • Language: English.

World Food and Wine is about food culture, wholesome, flavorful food and innovative recipes from all over the world, collected during years of International Clubs meetings. Lately, a good collection of healthy recipes are being added from All Foods Natural. There is a world of appetizing new dishes to discover.

There is plenty of tips on how the right wine enhances the good moments in life. Find the right wine and discover why wine inspires such a passionate interest and how to enjoy wine. See also how the right wine enhances the flavors in food; food from the same region is the perfect complement to enjoy wine. Discover the mysteries of matching food and wine.

The section on cooking techniques and methods and food and cooking tips from All Foods Natural are being edited and will be published on the resources section.

Things we completed

  • Migration from HTML pages to Drupal CMS (Drupal 6)
  • Upgrade to Drupal 7, 8 and 9.
  • HTML5, Responsive theme.
  • Social media integration.