Suckling lamb.

Nacho Sandoval is a recognized expert in gastronomy, organizes various gastronomic routes, collaborates in different media and has been sworn in high-level culinary competitions.

The businessman and gastronomic communicator Nacho Sandoval presents his new website, in which he offers a selection of gourmet products, carefully selected by this specialist, who during the year organizes haute cuisine events and participates as a jury in various competitions. All products are considered of high quality and meet a good quality / price ratio.
Since the first week of confinement, the purchase of food products online has grown significantly. According to reports, in the first weeks it rose to as much as 50% and experts believe that the habit will continue among many consumers. For this reason, the initiative of Nacho Sandoval comes at a perfect time in which many people have given even more value to what it means to take care of themselves and to be able to quickly receive at home their range of Premium products with which to enjoy or entertain their dinners and evenings.

Monday, June 15, 2020 - 13:57