Dachser corporate image.

Dachser has made an investment in its center in Nuremberg, Germany, in a project that includes the expansion of the current transit terminals for industrial and food products by more than 5,200 square meters.

In addition to expanding the office building by 1,200 square meters, the logistics operator has enabled additional parking space for trucks and employee vehicles. The company has invested 22.5 million euros in this project, the construction phase of which was completed in late May.

“In the last ten years, our center in Nuremberg has experienced very positive development in the industrial and food goods sectors, as well as at the warehousing level. As a result, we have reached the limit of our capacity at existing facilities,” explained Bernhard Engel, Branch Manager European Logistics at the Dachser logistics center in Nuremberg.

The number of loading and unloading docks at the transit and warehouse terminals, the central point of the facilities, has increased from 188 to a total of 251. Along with the expansion of the terminals, Dachser has created 1,100 square meters of additional space for personalized Contract Logistics services. In this way, the logistics center will function, to cite one example, as a central warehouse for a renowned client in the premium wine and spirits sector, to which Dachser offers a wide range of complementary services, in addition to warehousing, picking and transportation services. . "We take care of packaging products individually and individually, as well as preparing exhibitors and managing excise duties for this customer," explains Michael Scheid, Branch Manager Food Logistics in Nuremberg. "From here We deliver to each of your recipients in Germany, not just retailers, hotels and catering companies, but also to bars, clubs, transport companies and even events. "

Presence in the Nuremberg metropolitan area

The waiting area for trucks has been expanded, and a parking lot for subcontracted trucks has also been created. With these improvements, the capacity now allows 130 trucks to be parked simultaneously. In addition, a new parking area will add 135 additional spaces for employees and visitors.
Dachser began operations at these facilities in early 2009. The logistics center has excellent access to the region's main highways, providing great efficiency in reaching customers and a rapid and continuous supply of goods to the metropolitan area of ​​the city of Nuremberg.

Thursday, June 4, 2020 - 13:14