Dachser continues flights.

To the existing charter flights between Asia and Europe, there are now transpacific flights that the logistics operator is organizing to cover the markets of North and South America. Among the new routes is the one that goes from Shanghai to Los Angeles.

With the capabilities of the air cargo market still very limited, DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics is offering additional charter services from Asia to the United States.
After the first flight of the transpacific route between Hong Kong and Los Angeles, which took place the last week of April, the logistics operator has been expanding its charter flight program throughout the month of May and has just included an additional route from Shanghai (PVG) to Los Angeles (LAX). On the American continent, Dachser has a wide network of offices (14 in the United States and 13 in South America) to ensure the distribution of merchandise.

Demand continues

"The demand for air cargo services between Asia and the United States continues and not only in terms of medical protection equipment," explains Timo Stroh, Head of Global Air Freight at Dachser. "With these charter flights, we provide solid and effective solutions to our clients, who thus gain superior capacity in adequate transit time, allowing them to better plan their supply chain," adds the manager.
Apart from these transpacific flights, the logistics company continues to carry air freight from Asia to Europe, having chartered 30 planes for charter flights since the start of the pandemic.
From its Madrid air gateway, Dachser offers international connections to both Asia and America, and vice versa. As long as there is no local solution, with the usual airlines, Dachser ensures a connection to and from Frankfurt by land, through the Dachser European Logistics network, so that the national customer can send or receive cargo, via Frankfurt , on charter flights organized by the multinational to and from China and the United States.

Friday, May 22, 2020 - 12:38