Kids Recipes

Details of Project

  • Client: Kids Recipes
  • Used Tools: Drupal, Photoshop, Dreamweaver
  • Link to Project: Visit Site

Things we completed

  • Upgrade from HTML pages to Drupal.
  • HTML5, responsive theme.
  • Recipes, social media integration.

Founded in 2005, Kids Recipes ( helped with cooking the right food for children from an early age to their late teens, including college student menus, and to introduce them to healthy eating habits from early so they will continue to eat well and live healthily through their lives. The website and publications were full of great ideas to give kids a balanced diet, including basic nutrition for children, and a varied selection of easy, fun to eat recipes that will keep kids as happy as they are healthy.

The site was a pioneer on digital publishing and its book content could be accessed in several digital formats, including reading the books with a plain web browser. The site owner made a publishing deal and the content will be delivered through other digital platform.